Whoozy – Your Independent Music Guide. ‘Discover the finest to add to your personal playlist on whatever platform you use’. There are a lot of ways to ‘discover’ music these days but most playlists on major streaming services are commercially driven and don’t support the independent artist of the music industry. The commercially driven playlists on streaming services and the curation platforms overloaded with ads, did not cut it for us. It was time for something different.
Together with over 100 independent artists and labels we curate music you won’t find in your ‘Discover Weekly’. Every song will be featured for 1 month and we made it very easy to add your newly discover music to other platforms you use like; Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, etc.

Whoozy is a unique stand-alone music app, where you can access the independently curated 250 songs for only €2,99/month or £2,99/month. Start your 14-day trial and try Whoozy for free. Enjoy the 100% audio ad-free Whoozy experience.

– 250 songs at all times
– New Music Everyday
– 100% Audio Ad-free
– Enjoy Art while listening to music

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