ADOOGOODA – 1st Ever Social GOOD Marketplace for DO-GOODR(S).

ADOOGOODAis the 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY application; enabling our users, a.k.a. DO-GOODR(S) to transact with one another in our elite MARKETPLACE, MIRROR and CIRCLE of TRUST using key Patent Pending IP.

Curating true connections, infinite possibilities deeply rooted in contribution, learning and the GOOD ol’ fashioned way of neighbors helping neighbors but made for the GOOD people of the Next Generation. Making it effortless in real time, when & where YOU want to engage other DO-GOODR(S), With ties to our biological need to be in social interactions, this platform is 100% ACTION based. We are creating a truly 1 of kind Social Platform for a Brand New Type of Interaction IRL!

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