Welcome to Bid4best Technologies Pvt. Ltd.! Bid4best.com’s Business to business marketplace and provides electronic web-based Marketplace platforms for exchanging quotes and information between buyers and sellers of products and services.

Negotiation behavior in buying has taken Procurement to the next level and demands smarter and more effective Marketplaces to tackle the transparency hurdle of the procurement process. B4B quotations and Negotiation occur in the form of Counter Rebidding from other sellers in pursuit of scoring better than another. The entire focus of Bid4Best is on the value of the deal and not only on Price.

B4B has been designed to change the game for the procurement professionals by providing an Easy-to-Use platform for all Procurement Needs. B4B provides a “Request Based” Platform where buyer’s requests are replied by Seller’s Bids in a Unique Reverse Auction Manner and Bids actually fight against one another to prove their value for getting consideration. A Smart Algorithm measures these bids and gives them score which eventually gets evaluated by the buyer and saves time for evaluation. Transparency of the entire system and “No Manual Intervention” enables us to smoothly run the process in an efficient manner, enabling the buyer to concentrate on other important activities of their daily work.


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