Fabgrad – Mobile app for social syllabus related learning for students pursuing Technical Education

Fabgrad Online Pvt. Ltd.   http://www.fabgrad.com/  –  Targeted at college education, Fabgrad is a consumer oriented and subscription based, mobile first, video led, social learning platform that addresses the demand of current generation learners for high quality personalized learning resources that are self paced and accessible anywhere, anytime.
We produce original content (short concept videos, Notes, Quizzes etc) customized to curriculum which is available for subscribers on the Fabgrad app. We are improving on the digital learning pedagogy by making learning resources modular and elemental but linked to each other, thereby providing a discovery based smooth learning experience to a learner.
At the user end we are innovating on deeply integrating social into the mundane of self learning, thereby retaining the offline collaborative college going experience.

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