– P2P money transfers. app introduces the new era of p2p money transfers. app is a revolutionary way to send money domestically or aboard from card to card avoiding bank’s high fees and exchange rates.

Most service providers require sending money to their accounts and then transfer money to the recipient, where additional costs may occur when paying to banks for the wire transfer or using credit cards to top up the account. There is also a risk of having money blocked or withheld on their accounts, which can be crucial if there is an urgent need to pay someone instantly.

As leverages card network infrastructure, the payments are affected instantly and irrevocably between the two cardholders, where senders’ card is charged, and recipients’ card is loaded instantly and irrevocably; thus, there is no risk that transfer will be blocked or withheld once the card network has successfully authorized the transaction. app onboarding process is very quick and easy, as it only requires linking existing MasterCard cards (Visa is coming soon) to app and allows sending money seamlessly between friends and family using only phone number already in the contact list. No lengthy details to fill or IBAN to provide, the service does not require opening new payment account or ordering new payment card. does not save the information of the linked card, as full card data is encrypted as a unique token of the user and securely passed to the card network for every transaction which is also confirmed by 3d secure payment.

Moreover, most money transfers are instant, which means the recipient can immediately access funds received to the card.
As identifies card’s base currency, there is no additional cost for double currency conversion while executing the money transfer with app. The currency exchange rates are guaranteed, thus while sending money the sender sees the exact amount to be sent and to be received down to the cent.

Users can benefit from app when sending money to friends and family, or when holding two different cards of different currencies to exchange currency with better exchange rates than those of the issuing bank. It is also a great solution for expats that send money home frequently and can be helpful for freelancers that need to be paid instantly directly to their cards.

The app was developed by UAB Findo Finansai – an IT company incorporated in 2017 in Lithuania and founded by Zhana Dar, who acts as a CEO of the company. The diversified team of developers and payment experts from Israel, Poland and Ukraine is determined to change the p2p money transfers landscape for good.

The service is available in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and soon will be available in USA and Canada.’s primary objective is to unite all cardholders as one community with single secure connection to the Card Network for real-time P2P money transfer system around the world.

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About Company – app is a revolutionary way to send money domestically or aboard from card to card avoiding bank’s high fees and exchange rates. –

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