Energy.Bot – A simple and transparent energy marketplace EnergyBot  –  EnergyBot gathers energy rates from dozens of suppliers and uses details about your business to connect you to the best energy rate. Our goal is to make purchasing energy simple by create a simple and transparent marketplace for businesses to… Continue Reading Energy.Bot – A simple and transparent energy marketplace

Coachilla – Find Coaching for a Meaningful Life Coachilla  –  Coachilla helps professionals find & meet verified coaches with video calls to achieve meaningful lives and careers. At the same time, we help coaches attract new clients, easily setup an online presence and manage their reputation. We believe making self-improvement… Continue Reading Coachilla – Find Coaching for a Meaningful Life

dogerr – The Freelance Platform for Digital Currency dogerr  – is the freelance platform for digital currency marketplace. Buy and sell small services, hire freelancer or offer jobs for dogecoin, bitcoin, and litecoin.

Troniz – Home and lifestyle electronics at unbeatable prices. Troniz  –  Troniz offers deals on electronic lifestyle products, and gadgets for men, women and kids. Shoppers can Save up to 60% on all products, featuring; solar tech products, drones, backpacks, toys, outdoors items and more.

AirDev ( –  We have created an entirely new experience for those looking to turn ideas into tech products. We offer free scoping assistance, fixed budgets, lightning-fast turnarounds (1-4 weeks on average), money-back guarantees, and simple communication with our team of super-smart generalists throughout the process. We aim to make the… Continue Reading AirDev – Have an app idea? Go for it.

Zeqr is a new global knowledge sharing marketplace that connects like-minded people who seek to impart knowledge (Xperts) and those who are eager to become better informed (Zeqrs). Xperts, people or businesses selling knowledge, offer classes based on their expertise at an hourly rate, class length, and the maximum number… Continue Reading Zeqr a Global Knowledge Hub marketplace that allows people across the world to exchange information in real time via built-in voice, video & screen sharing.

Beep for Service is an online marketplace and mobile application that lets you choose from trust-rated automotive service providers near you, and instantly book repair or service at a guaranteed price. Vehicle information is verified with our software. Listed automotive service providers opt into this verification, and set their prices… Continue Reading Beep for Service – The price you book, is the price you pay is a curated marketplace that connects the eternal elegance and style of ancient & contemporary Greece with an inspiring future, through carefully selected 100% Made-in-Greece lifestyle items and limited edition goods sent directly to your door. is an online Marketplace where users can hire someone in their neighbourhood to run errands like groceries, cleaning, lawn mowing etc. You can also choose to become an errand runner and make money by running errands for others in your neighbourhood. The site basically connects 2 groups of people… Continue Reading So Many Errands – Hire Someone to Run Your Errands OR Make Money Running Errands for Others

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