TimerBit – Cloud-based Time Tracking – Cloud-based timers to easily track time spent on tasks and projects TimerBit – Cloud-based Time Tracking   https://timerbit.com  –  TimerBit allows you to track how you spend time on your projects & tasks via cloud-based reliable timers. It provides weekly and monthly analytics to help you… Continue Reading TimerBit – Cloud-based timers to easily track time spent on tasks and projects

IntroJoy – Introduce two people via email without the hassle IntroJoy   https://introjoy.com  –  IntroJoy is an easier and quicker way to make double opt-in introductions and forwardable emails. If you’re a connector who makes hundreds to thousands of introductions a year, IntroJoy can save you invaluable time and hassle. https://introjoy.com

TeamRetro – Engaging online retrospective meetings with automatic idea grouping. TeamRetro   https://www.teamretro.com  –  Agile retrospectives made secure, effective and engaging. TeamRetro helps your team brainstorm, group, vote and action ideas easier than ever. Our unique automatic grouping technology suggests similar and related ideas; helping your team focus on what matters most… Continue Reading TeamRetro – Engaging online retrospective meetings with automatic idea grouping.

Meetter – Reduce time wasted in meetings Meetter (https://www.meetter.ai) –  AI-powered online meetings. Meetter reduces time wasted in meetings by replacing regular meetings with automatically scheduled focused discussions. Users just prioritize agenda topics and wait for calendar updates. All discussions automatically recorded, transcribed and organized by topics. https://www.meetter.ai

Document360 is your one stop Software as a Service (SaaS) knowledge base platform for software project and project documentation. With Document360, create rich documentation and knowledge base for your offerings (both internal and external) with ease. Document360 provides world-class authoring experience and can be customized to meet needs from small… Continue Reading Document360 – one stop SaaS knowledge base platform for product and project documentation

Flowdock is a collaboration tool for technical teams. It’s real-time and super-integrated, something Google Wave could have been. Teams using Flowdock stay up-to-date, react in seconds instead of hours, and never forget anything. We partner with companies like Atlassian and Zendesk to provide seamless integration experiences. The founders have worked… Continue Reading Flowdock – Chat & Workspace for Teams

WorkGaps exists for one reason: To make flexible work simple. Simple means quicker, which means cheaper to run and less time spent on admin and more on serving your customers. Simple means easier, with an intuitive system which is easy to adopt, easy to use, and you only pay for… Continue Reading WorkGaps makes managing your part-time and flexible staff easier

AI meets business management Startable is a next-gen online platform benching an all-in-one complete startup solution that enables entrepreneurs to get their business up and running with access to tools, essentials and resources needed for a great start. Starting a business can be unneccessarily complicated, lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, numerous… Continue Reading Startable – AI business management platform built for startups and small businesses

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