RoboGarden INC – RoboGarden is a cloud-based, e-learning platform, which enables students to learn to code.

RoboGarden INC  –  RoboGarden is an e-learning game that enables students from grade 1 through 9 to learn how to code using the ‘Visual Blocky System’. The platform further integrates with educators to be used in classrooms and with parents to monitor child progress. RoboGarden was built using a ‘teacher-first’ approach. and allows teachers, not familiar with coding, to teach it.

RoboGarden was named among the Top50 Global Startups in 2018 by StartupGrind, was nominated for the innovative product award at GESS 2018 and is featured on the ‘Hour of Code’ at In two years the company has already grown its presence to 34 countries!

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