As parents we always explore opportunities of learning for our child, be it physical, academics, social or psychological. Dance, art, sports, music and other avenues help a child in overall development but the building blocks for success remain the key, be it curriculars or extra curriculars.Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences. Cognitive skills are core to processing the information that the child is exposed to. These skills can be improved upon with the help of practice and appropriate training.
SochGenie is an initiative to work on the cognitive skills of children above 4 years, the formative stage of brain in a child. And what better way than playing GAMES!!! Skills like Memory, Concentration, Attention Span, Decision Making and many more are worked upon to ensure a holistic development of the child.
With 13 Crore students in the Primary level of education (Grade 1 to 5) across India, 5 Crore are enrolled in Pvt. Schools. Still 40% students in Grade 5 of Pvt. Schools cannot read story, 60% cannot subtract, 54% cannot add! (ASER 2014, FICCI-Ernst & Young Report, 2014)
As students progress through the education system, only 40% are EMPLOYABLE!!! Skills required; Learning Agility, Communication, Numerical & Logical ability, etc – 81%, Domain Skills – 19%,!!! (India Skills Report 2017)
Cognitive Skills remain the key gap identified across surveys for employability and these are the skills which are acquired at a much younger age during the primary level of growth in a child.
The skill gap that gets exposed at a much later stage in the education journey, whereas this needs to be ideally addressed at an early stage of learning.
The depth of SochGenie lies in its diverse range of behavioural skills that get mapped. By bringing in the concept of Circles, SochGenie brings to the fore an element of social in the world of games. The business model involves engaging with users through online and offline mode. Given that we are at an early stage of user engagement, we would not want price to be a deterrent. Hence the strategy is to have multi-pronged approach where the online engagement would be free-for-use, the offline engagement would come for a nominal subscription fee. However, the business model will evolve as we scale up operations with more avenues of monetisation.
While pedagogical methods of learning continue to stay in the limelight, working on the fundamentals of learning is yet to be explored. Academics continue to rule the roost but skill enhancement focus at the early years is still in the nascent phase, especially in the INDIAN context and hence an early mover advantage. The concept being new, there is a huge catchment to have a play.
Every child has the potential to excel in his or her own field of interest and SochGenie works towards laying a strong foundation for the same. We are making a humble start to redefine the learning experience in children through games.
The game can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store for FREE!!!
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