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STEM Search Group – We are technical recruiting specialists offering Placement as a Service.

STEM Search Group – The traditional recruiting firm model is broken. Contingency firms offer flexibility, but they are highly transactional, have large lump sum fees, and short guarantees. Retained firms offer great client/candidate experiences, but are extremely expensive, their fees are guaranteed to be paid to them, and they compete against your own talent acquisition efforts. Neither was built with high-tech, high-growth teams in mind, and that’s especially true for PE/VC-backed companies where burn rate and investor board meetings need to be considered.

STEM Search Group’s Placement as a Service model addresses all those problems. Our services are provided on a contingent basis, we added elements from our co-founders retained search background to enhance client/candidate experiences and service delivery, and then we wrapped it in a SaaS-inspired fee model where our fee is divided into 12 equal monthly payments (only invoiced if the candidate we place remains employed by the client).

We’ve mitigated the risk of using a firm, kept the money working for the business, the payment model allows for better planning/forecasting, and, most importantly, this model drives home a focus on fit, not the fee.

STEM Search Group

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