– Manage your team of annotators with ease  –  The biggest barrier to NLP projects today is acquiring labeled data. LightTag delivers the tools you need to execute and manage an annotation project with a team. Our annotation interface optimizes annotators work and keeps them engaged. LightTag handles… Continue Reading – Manage your team of annotators with ease  –  Sequence is a microtask online crowdsourcing solution for startups, SMEs and corporations. We specialise in building high quality datasets for machine learning and data quality management for businesses. Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on their core activities, become more productive and cost-effective. Through our… Continue Reading – Microtask online crowdsourcing solution

Learn anything, customized for you. And always free. Sagefy is an open-content adaptive learning platform. Adaptive Learning. Get the most out of your time and effort spent. Sagefy optimizes based on what you already know and what your goal is. Open-Content. Anyone can view, share, create, and edit content. Open-content… Continue Reading Sagefy – Learn anything, customized for you. And always free.

AiHello manages your inventory across channels. The system can be used to list a product on any one channel or a combination of channels. A retailer selling on one channel can push his products to other channels in a click. AiHello uses deep learning to optimize your inventory. Using its… Continue Reading Power up your online selling intelligence

TWIP is an online membership-based social marketplace, that connects people to experiences, travelers and activity companions based on your travel personality, or as we say, “Travanality.” Think LinkedIn and Netflix for travelers.

We put emphasis on making the data useful by using data analysis methods, mathematics and statistics combined with great programming skills. We keep setting the bar higher by taking part in demanding projects that require complex solutions. Our team supports University of Warsaw in funded research projects and cooperates with… Continue Reading Appsilon Data Science – End-2-End Data Science Solutions

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