Walkbase is the leading in-store analytics and marketing platform for retailers and airports to measure, optimise and personalise the omnichannel customer experience.

Just like web analytics platforms have revolutionised the online shopping experience, Walkbase provides the same level of personalisation to brick-and-mortar stores through smartphone engagement.

Based on patented indoor positioning technology, the platform provides real-time analytics on customers’ habits so the same level of personalisation can apply in brick-and-mortar as it does online. It analyses in-store customer patterns, measures and optimises the impact of marketing on physical stores, engages customers with personalised in-store marketing, and links the online and offline customer journeys together.

The cloud-based Walkbase platform collects sensor and positioning data through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera technologies, and takes advantage of existing store hardware.

Walkbase is deployed by large retail chains including high-end retailers, groceries, automotive, restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, department stores, and airports all around the world. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Finland, with offices in Helsinki (FIN), Turku (FIN), London (UK) and Bern (Switzerland). www.walkbase.com

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